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Because Every Child Deserves Their Father

At Fathers For Fair Custody, we believe that every child deserves the love, guidance, and support of both parents. Our mission is to advocate for equal custody rights, ensuring that children have the opportunity to grow up with the active presence of their fathers. Join us in our journey to create a world where fathers are an integral part of their children’s lives.


Our vision

Our vision is to help the world recognize that fathers are just as important as mothers, ensuring every parent’s equal opportunity in custody matters.

our impact

Our efforts in championing fathers’ rights and advocating for a fairer custody system have already started making a meaningful impact, benefitting children and families.

our community

Our vibrant community consists of fathers, supporters, and advocates who share a common goal: promoting fathers’ involvement in their children’s lives.

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Join us in our mission to promote fathers’ rights and equality in custody.

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kids deserve their father

At Fathers For Fair Custody, our motto, “Fathers Matter Too,” speaks volumes about our core belief that fathers are integral to a child’s upbringing. This motto embodies our dedication to advocating for fathers’ rights and promoting their active involvement in their children’s lives. Join us in our quest to ensure that fathers are recognized and valued just as much as mothers in the parenting journey.

Your voice matters

Every voice matters in our mission to advocate for fathers’ rights. Rise to the challenge and make a difference in a child’s life today.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is unwavering: To advocate tirelessly for fathers’ rights, ensuring that every father has equal custody opportunities and the chance to be an active part of their child’s life. We also stand dedicated to supporting families, striving to create a brighter, more balanced future for parents and children alike.

Kids Suffer Without a Father


Children in father-absent homes are nearly four times more likely to be poor.


Fatherless children are 33% more likely to repeat a class, 43% less likely to achieve A’s in school, and 71% of high school dropouts.


Teens without fathers are twice as likely to be involved in early sexual activity and seven times more likely to get pregnant as an adolescent​​.


Fatherless kids are 20 times more likely to be incarcerated and children without fathers in the home are 279% more likely to carry guns and deal drugs.


63% of youth suicides and 71% of substance abuse cases are from fatherless homes.


In a study of 56 school shootings, 82% of the shooters were not raised in a stable home with both biological parents.


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